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Internet assigned names and numbers authority

These parameter assignmentsare listed here. Turcotte tacnews 98tcp TAC Newstacnews 98udp TAC News Jon Postel metagram 99tcp Metagram Relaymetagram 99udp Metagram Relay Geoff Goodfellow GeoffFERNWOOD.

  • PSPalestinianTerritory, OccupiedMinistry Of TelecommunicationsInformationTechnology, GovernmentComputer Center. URL DIRECTORY SYSTEM NAMESIn the representation of distinquished names and possibly othercontexts of the X. More than 300 domain name extension definitions. Plains the meaning of each domain name extension. Cludes extensions such as. As well as.
  • This policy essentially attempts to provide a mechanism for rapid, cheap and reasonable resolution of domain name conflicts, avoiding the traditional court system for disputes by allowing cases to be brought to one of a set of bodies that arbitrate domain name disputes. Chris Ranch unidata-ldm 388tcp Unidata LDM Version 4unidata-ldm 388udp Unidata LDM Version 4 Glenn Davis ldap 389tcp Lightweight Directory Access Protocolldap 389udp Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Tim Howes uis 390tcp UISuis 390udp UIS Ed Barron ---none---synotics-relay 391tcp SynOptics SNMP Relay Portsynotics-relay 391udp SynOptics SNMP Relay Portsynotics-broker 392tcp SynOptics Port Broker Portsynotics-broker 392udp SynOptics Port Broker Port Illan Raab dis 393tcp Data Interpretation Systemdis 393udp Data Interpretation System Paul Stevens embl-ndt 394tcp EMBL Nucleic Data Transferembl-ndt 394udp EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer Peter Gad netcp 395tcp NETscout Control Protocolnetcp 395udp NETscout Control Protocol Anil Singhal ---none---netware-ip 396tcp Novell Netware over IPnetware-ip 396udp Novell Netware over IPmptn 397tcp Multi Protocol Trans. Die Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) ist eine Abteilung der ICANN und fr die Zuordnung von Nummern und Namen im Internet, insbesondere von IP Adressen. The global coordination of the DNS Root, IP addressing, and other Internet protocol resources is performed as the Internet Assigned Numbers.
  • Howarth uucp-path 117tcp UUCP Path Serviceuucp-path 117udp UUCP Path Servicesqlserv 118tcp SQL Servicessqlserv 118udp SQL Services Larry Barnes nntp 119tcp Network News Transfer Protocolnntp 119udp Network News Transfer Protocol Phil Lapsley cfdptkt 120tcp CFDPTKTcfdptkt 120udp CFDPTKT John Ioannidis jiclose. IESG Approval or Standards Action In the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) there is a field called "Protocol" to identify the next level protocol. Network Working Group J. Ynolds Request for Comments: 1700 J. Stel STD: 2.
  • McCloghrie, "Definitions of Managed Objects for Bridges",, cisco Systems, Inc. Connect with us. Ep up with us on our TeamARIN Blog; Like ARIN on Facebook; Follow ARIN on Twitter; Follow ARIN on Google+; Follow ARIN on LinkedIn; Subscribe.

Ways To Look For Internet Assigned Names And Numbers Authority

The central repository for protocol name and number registries used in many Internet protocols.

Clifford Neuman igi-lm 1404tcp Infinite Graphics License Managerigi-lm 1404udp Infinite Graphics License Manageribm-res 1405tcp IBM Remote Execution Starteribm-res 1405udp IBM Remote Execution Starternetlabs-lm 1406tcp NetLabs License Managernetlabs-lm 1406udp NetLabs License Managerdbsa-lm 1407tcp DBSA License Managerdbsa-lm 1407udp DBSA License Manager Scott Shattuck sophia-lm 1408tcp Sophia License Managersophia-lm 1408udp Sophia License Manager Eric Brown here-lm 1409tcp Here License Managerhere-lm 1409udp Here License Manager David Ison hiq 1410tcp HiQ License Managerhiq 1410udp HiQ License Manager Rick Pugh af 1411tcp AudioFileaf 1411udp AudioFile Jim Gettys innosys 1412tcp InnoSysinnosys 1412udp InnoSysinnosys-acl 1413tcp Innosys-ACLinnosys-acl 1413udp Innosys-ACL Eric Welch --none---ibm-mqseries 1414tcp IBM MQSeriesibm-mqseries 1414udp IBM MQSeries Roger Meli dbstar 1415tcp DBStardbstar 1415udp DBStar Jeffrey Millman novell-lu6. IESG Approval or Standards Action In the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) there is a field called "Protocol" to identify the next level protocol. Learn More. D you miss the ICANN Quarterly Stakeholder Call? The presentation and recording are now available. Anslations will be posted shortly.

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